Friday, January 23, 2009

Azalea Software as part of Seattle software community

The Washington Technology Industry Assoc. did a wild map of the Seattle software family tree. I'm proud to say that Azalea Software is in the solar system, proud of our lineage as an Aldus spin-off. The only Aldus spin-off still around 16 yrs later.

The only surviving Baby Paul!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

666 Mark of the Beast is about to come true!

So some goofball has just patented barcode tattoos for commerce.

Dude, you realize all those fundamental nutjobs are going to go nuts re: 666, Mark of the Beast, Book of Revelation, etc., etc.

Here we go...

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Azalea Software Sponsors Winning Lava Lamp Webcam

Azalea Software, publishers of barcode software, are the proud sponsors of JetCityOrange's live Lava Lamp webcam, winner of EarthCam's "25 Most Interesting Webcams 2008".

Azalea Software hosts the webcam on one of its web servers. JetCityOrange benefits from Azalea's generous offer to house the two lava lites on timers and the webcam that broadcasts them across the internet.

This year's winning webcams was selected by a panel of celebrity judges including NY Nicks asst. coach Phil Weber, actor/comedian Pauly Shore, and Beauty and the Geek winner Amanda Corey.

Azalea Software RSS feed Now On Feedster

Azalea Software started the New Year by launching an RSS feed with news and updates about barcodes, barcode software, and related issues. The raw feed is:

The Azalea Software feed is also available on Feedster: