Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Google Ventures Into the Physical World

By using, of course, barcodes. The big G has "..launched a new effort to send window decals to over 100,000 local businesses in the U.S. that have been the most sought out and researched on and Google Maps".

Locate the 2D barcode decal at a participating store, snap it with your phone's barcode reader, follow the URL link to the web and behold: store hours, user reviews, special offers, whatever the retailer's loaded up on the intertubes for you.

We love this idea (and began implementing it locally a year ago but hey, when Google bites your idea it's a compliment) because our love of cellphone app gadgetry is second only to our love of real world barcode implementation.

Wonder how the folks at Yelp are taking it.