Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nintendo's Japanese 3DS Will Include QR Codes

Mii Studio characters can be converted into a QR code that users can print or post on a website to share their Mii's. Friends then scan the QR with their 3DS camera to retrieve the Mii.

via IGN
image via Duck Fluff

Monday, September 27, 2010

Online Retailer Gets QR Codes Really Right

Fashion retailer Bluefly and Bravo have teamed up to create a commercial QR experience that's both useful and savvy.

45-second commercials running on the cable network feature QR codes along the bottom of the screen that when scanned with a cellphone bring up online extras, full-length video and special Bluefly discounts.

This is how QR should be done!

via the New York Times

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Japanese Town Utilizes 2D Barcodes in Worst Way Ever

Sad, awful fourth-sign-of-the-apocalyse dating simulation game LovePlus+ and the resort town of Atami, Japan have joined forces to create the ne plus ultra creeptastic "romantic holiday" for terrible male humans.

2D barcodes are scattered at locations throughout the town where the men can have CGI-type pictures taken with their "virtual girlfriend".

At a dozen romantic locations in and around the town are three-dimensional barcodes which can be read by an iPhone. The barcode allows the love-struck visitors to have a computer generated photograph taken with their beloved through augmented reality technology. In the hotel, some beds have barcodes, so that photographing it reveals the virtual girlfriend lying there seductively.

The end is nigh, friends.