Wednesday, June 22, 2005

X-rated Bar Codes?!?

OK. So this kinda story is definitely not what I thought I'd see when I logged on this morning.

Please. Tell me why a bar code is so much better than dialing a phone number and punching in a code #? Opens the game up to older phones. Then again, who wants to hang around some flourescent lit video store in a mall, watching movie previews? Have you never heard of NetFlix? There's a good reason some of us don't go to Blockbuster.

BTW, those are our bar codes on the NetFlix materials!

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  1. Anonymous6:54 PM

    I hope you are doing well if Netflix is using your software... Nice business site.

    Anyway, It looks to me (*cough*) being an ex Bar Coder Nerd, pre bloggin, The Netflix is using the EAN 20 digit USPS ability.
    See page 26 of:
    A DUN possibly according to:

    That is 2 digit Service Code, 9 for DUN, and 8 for package ID with 1 check digit.

    Note: I reserve the right to be dead wrong.