Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Barcode Art Contest Winners

Because I run an online gallery of barcode-inspired artwork I see a lot of barcodes incorporated into larger pieces. It's my belief that barcodes have become a visual meme and are infused with connotations and implied meanings (www.jetcityorange.com/barcodes/BarcodesJargonSlang.pdf).

I was unprepared for and pleasantly surprised by the entrants in photoshopcontest.com barcode competition. Fine art, thoughtful work within the theme, and pieces that made me sit up and take notice.

All entrants will receive Azalea Software's 4th annual calendar when printed. All feature photographs centered around a particular theme. This year's is a surprise but not flowers or stencil graffiti as in the past.

First prize goes to IDentification by dabdi56. Layers of meaning in a well put together piece. Sophisticated and emotional.

Second prize is to Sliver's Stop Violence! I'm a big fan of Adbusters and while I've been in the barcode business for 18 years, that doesn't mean I've comprised my politics or beliefs.

Third prize is to Phase [GIF] EDITED by Granulated. I've always wanted to see barcodes animated and loved seeing multiple entries do so. The grace and finesse in this effort is refreshing and complete.

A special shout out goes to two other entries: Fore! and T'E(r)R0R' in CAP1TAL15M. The former made me look twice and put a smile on my face. The latter is almost too good to be true.

Azalea Software t-shirts and goodie bags go out to the three winners. Again, all entrants will receive 2008 calendars when printed. Thanks to all who participated. The work is wonderful!

Jerry Whiting
Azalea Software, Inc.

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