Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Believe it or not, Azalea Software is sponsoring golf. Yes, "golf".

Azalea Software Sponsors Hope Heart Classic Golf Tournament

SEATTLE - Azalea Software is sponsoring a hole at this year’s 10th Annual Hope Heart Classic, July 30, 2007. While this is consistent with Azalea’s ongoing commitment to tithing and giving back to the community it’s noteworthy in that no one at Azalea has any interest in golf whatsoever.

Hope Heart Classic
The Hope Heart Classic has raised over $1 million over the years and has provided support for the Hope Heart Institute’s research and education programs. Founded in 1959 by Dr. Lester R. Sauvage, Hope Heart’s mission is preventing and treating heart and blood vessel disease, and improving the physical, emotional, and spiritual quality of life for millions.

In addition to sponsoring one of the holes at this year’s tournament, Azalea is providing golf tees to all participants.

Azalea Software publishes barcode software and is located in West Seattle. Azalea is dedicated to supporting efforts like Doctors Without Borders, the Tibetan Technology Center, the Eliza Bryant Village, Stephen Shames Foundation, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, among other causes.

For further information please visit this web page.

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