Wednesday, October 24, 2007

NJ Company Offers "Cost-Saving" Alternative to RFID

Secure Symbology wants to keep your food, your pharmaceuticals , nay your very Homeland Security™ safe! Using barcodes, natch, and "proprietary machines" which run only a quarter million dollars. Each.

"Secure Symbology's proprietary machines -- at a cost of $250,000 each -- imprint individual serial numbers on each package and shipping carton, allowing the manufacturer to follow the product on its journey along the distribution and sales trail."

Call me crazy but that sounds like any old barcode process. You know: buy reasonably-priced barcode software, dump your data in, get barcodes back, print with the hardware you've got.

'Course, if you want to spend 250K, more power to ya, hotshot.

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  1. We license our bar code decode engine ( to a UK based company Aegate ( They give the hardware to the pharmacy and charge fees to the pharmaceutical companies. Aegate has an office in the US - Boston.