Thursday, November 08, 2007

Barcode Madness!

LEGOs™ + lasers? A barcode scanner, natch.

Barcode weirdo extraordinaire Scott Blake has some fun stuff up at YouTube:

A lovely barcode rainbow from Rosistem- First barcoding website from Romania!

And we're pleased as punch to hear that our surreal friends the Barcode Kitties have landed a Happy Meal™-type deal with Peruvian burger chain Bembos.


  1. Shame!, No sense at all, Simple as that.

  2. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Neat site! I actually work for the licensing agency that tries to convince companies to put our client's Barcode Kitties artwork on all sorts of products (like Kids Meal Boxes). I've always wished the whiskers scanned in some meaningful way as well. If anyone has any viable ideas for products (maybe a toy or game or home appliance) where it'd be worth a manufacturer's investment to make scanning the Barcode Kitties' whiskers a functional part of their product, I'd be happy to pass the info along to our sales team and see if they can convince a company to go for it.