Tuesday, May 12, 2009

AzaleaRSS: Free RSS Creation Tool Hits The Interwebs

Version 1.1 of Azalea's free RSS feed maker, Azalea RSS, is now available.

Azalea RSS is a quick and dirty RSS maker that walks you through creating your own RSS feeds. Based in MS Excel, it's user-friendly and as easy as falling off a log. And falling off a log is SO EASY. Trust me, I fall off logs all the time.

Give it a try, RSS wizards!


  1. Yes, Miranda you are right that falling off a log is very easy .

    Ronak jain

  2. Barcodewise1:10 PM

    AzaleaRSS for feeds? maybe I'll use it to get noticed when you release software producing RSS...barcodes?

    There is a lot of value in playing around but sometimes you should get to work guys and bring to the market something new...barcodewise.

  3. Aw Barcodewise, if you knew Azalea at all you'd know that playing around is our preferred way to work!

    ps. RSS as a term for a barcode symbology is outdated. The new standard is GS1 DataBar. You can find more info about the symbology here.