Tuesday, July 07, 2009

DataMatrix Barcodes On Irish Chickens

How did I miss this one? It's barcodes! On chickens!

Scientist at the Bioresources Research Centre at University College Dublin have created a way to place 2D DataMatrix barcodes on the beaks, legs and combs of the wee birdies in order to more efficiently track them.

They were careful to use non-alive birds for the testing however, bless their cruelty-free hearts.

“Although these experiments were carried out in the laboratory, real chicken body parts, sourced at poultry processing plants were used. No animals were purposely culled for this research programme as per UCD ethical committee directives.

“In real life situations, ways will have to be found to imprint the barcodes on to live poultry whilst ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the bird.”

Story via The Irish Times

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  1. That is wirde. Whats next, barcods on cows?