Thursday, August 19, 2010

App That Combats Texting While Driving

We all know how dangerous it is, and we all know someone who does it (occasionally that someone is us). Texting while you drive leaves you twenty-three times more likely to be involved in an accident. TWENTY-THREE TIMES.

Seattle developer Erik Wood has introduced OTTER (One Touch Text Response), a brilliant little phone app that offers auto-reply, car mode, and parental password controls. May it save a life. Or ten.


  1. This is an awesome app that I hadn't heard about yet, thanks! What's your take on Barcode Hero? We just covered it here.

  2. Thank you Barcode Nerds! We are gaining momentum from articles just like this. Brick by brick as we say in the office. Based on emails we have received from parents and users of all ages, our low cost, non invasive solution is already starting to make a difference on our highways.

    Just today we sent out a press release about support we are receiving from the insurance industry. If its OK with your site, here is a link to that press release:

    Thanks again and I'll spread the word about your blog.

    ERIK WOOD, owner