Thursday, October 20, 2011

Experts Agree: Don't Be Dumb About QR Codes

Mashable's got an urgent warning for scanners of QR codes- that code is infected! With a VIRUS!

And Kaspersky Lab would like you to know about the malicious malware being distributed via QRs.

My two cents: QRs themselves cannot be "infected"- they're a static pattern of black on white which contains a URL, plain text, a phonebook contact or other data expressed in letters, numbers and punctuation.

However, if you allow your phone to follow a link within a QR code, it can take you to a site on the internet where nasty viruses, malware, adware, bugs, bots, trojans or worms may lurk, ready to creep onto your phone and ruin your day. So be smart about it! Pay attention to the source of the QR. Don't visit questionable links. Don't approve weird downloads to your phone. Have fun out there.

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