Thursday, December 16, 2010

Free 2011 Calendar Download

SEATTLE-Once again, Azalea Software has release a series of four free calendars. The 2011 calendars are in PDF format and feature photographs with food visual puns. These free calendars can be downloaded from Azalea Software's website [ ] and printed on any inkjet or laser printer.

For almost 10 years, Azalea Software's founder and owner, Jerry Whiting, has designed calendars from family, friends, and business partners. All except the first year's have featured Whiting's photography. Every year's calendar has a distinct theme. Past calendars have highlighted graffiti, neon, orchids, and humorous signs.

"I've tried to quit making calendars a couple of times and my Mother and her friends insist otherwise. I'm not about to piss of my Mom and her friends." says Whiting. "Last year we stopped printing physical calendars due to rising costs. Instead we gave the calendars away online. Not only did we save money, we were able to share them with countless people around the world. The response was overwhelming!"

The 2011 calendars are one page, feature all the major holidays as well as the Azalea staff's birthdays, and offer humorous images throughout the year.

The calendars' names hint at their punchlines: key lime pi, nuts & bolts, diversity fish, and hot duck.

Download one or download them all. Link to them on your Facebook page. Give them away to strangers. Make your own if you think ours stink.

Azalea Software [Seattle WA], founded in 1992, sells barcode fonts and barcode software. They maintain The Barcode FAQ and have been known to mouth off in their blog,

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