Tuesday, June 14, 2011

QRdvark In the News

QRdvark, super-coolest free generator of perfect QR codes* and the awesomest QR-reading Android app in the universe** get an appreciative shoutout from Curtis Finch at Inc. Magazine this month.

QRs are finally hitting our shores, folks. QRdvark makes it easy to get your business into the palm of your customers' hands. Literally! If you've never heard of QR or think that apps belong on menus, grab your teenaged neighbor and ask them to bring you up to speed.

*this is 100% true. Also, the makers of QRdvark are very good-looking.

**scientifically proven in 1881 by Lloyd T. Rickenstacks, Certified QR-ologist and Town Barber/Veterinarian.

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